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Johnny Loves Krissy

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Romantic Comedy Erotic Romance
An RT Book Reviews Award Nominee

Kristina Taylor's biological clock just went off. She has endometriosis. Now who's your baby's daddy just took on a completely new meaning. A brilliant plan for conception includes her hot best friend Johnny Huston. Taking him to bed won't be a hardship - if she can only get him to play by her rules. After all, she wants to maintain their friendship. Not easy if he ends up being the best sex of her life.

Knock her up? Krissy has to be crazy. Or is she? Johnny has loved her since high school. Her plan might not include life after baby. His does. But how is he going to show her how good they can be together with all her rules - no kissing, no touching, no caressing. He can make love to her, but she's determined not to enjoy it. To hell with that and to hell with her rules. He's determined to show her friendship is the best foundation for a relationship. But there are always complications...

With Johnny Krissy is afraid to look to the future. Right now, she can't get enough of the present, and she dreads the thought of losing what she's had with him in the past.


The tension shifted in the room. Johnny's breathing changed. Before Krissy's heart had a chance to skip a beat, Johnny pinned her against the wall. Hot and demanding, his lips found and parted hers. His tongue snaked into her mouth. Tasting. Savoring. Stroking the texture, he sucked on her tongue while pulling a moan from her chest.

"Kissing is against the rules," she said, arching her body closer to his. Angling her hips, she nestled his incredibly hard cock in the apex of her legs. Heat bloomed in her pussy, and her clit ached. Flutters swarmed in her tummy and desire, white hot and intense, surged through her. She moaned when his palm found her breast and his thumb stroked across the peak. Her nipple tightened to the point of pain. She needed more. "Oh, and so is touching."

Johnny understood her plea and pulled the tie behind her neck. The top fell forward. With insistent lips, he tasted his way down her neck, feathering kisses over her collarbone, until he latched onto her nipple. Krissy moaned and sagged against the wall. His velvety tongue rasped over her taut tip. Sensation streaked, like lightning, down her spine and centered in her clit. Moisture slicked her folds, knowing the pleasure Johnny could rain on her body.

Opening wide, he closed his mouth over her breast, encasing her sensitive peak in warm, wet heat. Working the flesh with his jaw, his tongue flicked the tip. Electric shocks reverberated. Chills broke along her arms as her body warmed. Both shivering and melting.

"Watch out the window." Johnny stepped away from her and shut the laundry room door. "It doesn't lock," he said, coming back to her.

The dark, dangerous gleam in his eyes sucked the breath from her lungs. Dipping his head, he kissed her again. Then she was lost.

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